The Museum of Evolution Zoology

Digitized zoology collections

This website provides access to the digitized Zoology collections of the Museum of Evolution, Uppsala University. Click "Find" in the page heading to enter search mode.

Please keep in mind that only a fraction af the collections has been digitized so far.


How to search the database

Mouse-over help is available for some of the fields on the search page. Searches are case-insensitive. Use the sign * as a wildcard. A logical "and" will be used between fields containing search strings. The "Year" field can be used to search for an interval (with ... between the starting and ending years) or periods before or after a specified year (by the use of < and >, respectively).

Searches will time out after 3 minutes. In practice, this means that text file downloads are limited to around 1000 objects, whereas on-screen results can be more extensive.

If you need to perform searches other than the ones possible through this website, or if you come across factual errors in the database contents, please contact Hans Mejlon.